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Having a career in the education system has given me the opportunity to work with and alongside a diverse range of students, and inspirational figures over many years. My passion for learning led me to study belief systems, performance, and positive behaviour reinforcement to improve my professional practice.

Having a passion, or family members would say- obsession, for martial arts and exercise from an early age, led me to enjoy attending classes (Thai Boxing, BJJ, Combatives, MMA).I was always ‘happy’ until I was out of my comfort zone. One particular learning curve for me was at the age of 12 when I ‘went blank’ under pressure during a grading and struggled with the notion of failure. I wanted to understand how to perform under pressure. This led me to pay close attention to the developmental role I play in so many students lives.

A pivotal point in my learning journey was in 2011 when I enrolled on Geoff Thompson’s Masterclass, which entailed 6 months training in Coventry. Originally attending for the physical aspect of self-defence, and gain a qualification, I came away with a prolific thirst for gaining more knowledge on the transformation of the self, mental endurance, and performance.

Consequently,  this led me to qualify as a Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist in 2012. I have continued to read and research about psychology (focusing on performance, modelling excellence, NLP, Belief systems, and language), as well as attending courses in this field.

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